Monday, 3 October 2011

There is a certain irony

that in the last 35min I've started a coupling process, conjugating 2 things that many people would consider difficult or unlikely to work.

So it was, 30 years ago, that another coupling process had begun that many people said wouldn't work. I'm very pleased to say that we were NOT put in a gently agitated ice bucket and left in the middle of the room, although *some* ceremonies can feel like that!

I think some writing would have been finished about now, and then that was it - we started living the rest of our lives.

*You want pictures?*

Nah, this is 30 years ago mate - none of yer digital rubbish then y'know. You'll have to do just what we did - wait until they've been processed. Unfortunately you may be a little disappointed: the chap taking the snaps wasn't terribly good, and not everything was all that great.

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