Monday, 3 October 2011

Pete and I probably wandered off

to head up to Holmesdale road, South Norwood a few minutes ago. Being late was never a good plan.

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Of course it didn't look anything like that in those days, but hey ho, you can't stop people rebuilding things that fall down.

If you want to know where we walked then you need to turn left down Oliver Avenue, follow it down past the clock tower and down station road. There's a subway with black railings near the end, and you'll need to 'walk' through there (not possible for a google car) to Clifford road, turning right into Crowther road. We left home from number 76 - which now has a blue front door - which was directly opposite Balfour road.

For those who care, looking back up Crowther (it's on a hill) you can see South Norwood Primary School, which Both Pete and I, and our mother had been through.

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