Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Just bitten the bullet

And ordered a (suprisingly) cheap Western Digital Black 320Gb drive for the Macbook, rather than SSD. The WD has a reputation for still being the fastest conventional drive available in real world productivity tests, and because it has a long history I know it's well sorted (and cheap!).

The bullet will also be bitten and Snow Leopard acquired. This is less risky than it might be because having 2 drives (and a conventional backup) I can quickly ditch SN if it proves to be the beach-ball inducing pile of cack that it's been for some people (and sell it on the 'bay). Though I seriously hope it won't come to that, and that it will provide both an increase in performance and an increase in usefulness and productivity.

If not, there's a darn strong chance that the MB really will get dual-booted and run on a flavour of Linux instead of OSX. It's amazing how much it's like a Linux flavour, with some aspects extremely well thought through, while others are astonishingly poor.

We'll see.

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