Saturday, 13 February 2010

I've not been this bushed in ages.

Yesterday we had a load of firewood delivered - the thinking being that we'll turn the rayburn down and use the radiators less (saving oil) and light the stove when we need to keep warmer.

Back in the day (well, the first 5 years up here anyway) we were mostly heated by wood, and we'd spend around 1 weekend in 4 cutting and stacking wood for the next month. It kept us fit, cutting and carrying, but we were young enough to cope OK. Now a sedentary 48 year old, a morning moving a ton or so of beech logs is hard work, and I'd really like to just curl up in a hot bath instead of taking rubbish from our shed and garden to the tip.

We're out tonight, doing Valentine stuff courtesy of the couple that head up HPC. Wasn't Valentine a ballet dancer? I hope they don't expect me to perform when I'm all stiff and achey.

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