Saturday, 27 October 2007

Oh deep joy.

Isn't that what the bible says - when you're feeling a bit persecuted.

I'm removing the hearth from the fireplace in our living room with some prejudice. Said hearth does NOT WISH TO BE REMOVED.

I'd hoped for an old brick structure with nice soft crumbly lime mortar. Some of them have been stuck in with modern hard cement, and the old lime mortar ones are interesting too. Lime mortar is designed to work while slightly damp - ie in old buildings without good (or any) damp courses. Well this is an old building and this is the dampest part of the house. Let me assure you that the guys who designed this stuff knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

I've taken some before and during photos. When (not IF - there shall be no IF here) it's completed I'll take some more and post them.

I can't finish today (the mortar is hardening) but I can post pics anyway.

Bang, bash, biff, wallop.

At last!

Brick slips in place to pack the hole to height for the quarry tiles.

Dinner now calls... and possibly a well-deserved cold beer.

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