Sunday, 14 October 2007

It seems to be taking

a ridiculous amount of time to recover from this cold.

It's been over a week now, and yesterday was the first day I *felt* like it was lifting. Came home after a couple of hours at work on Wednesday, returned on Thursday, but that was too soon and just did a couple of hours on Friday too. I'm *just* tired tonight, rather than feeling borderline drunk with odd stuff from the body fighting the infection sloshing through my bloodstream. Not aching doesn't do any harm either.

Now there's just a few hundred images to edit. And I need to decide between fotopic and flikr as the best place to pop then up. Flikr appeals because it's more blog-centric, but the lack of speed is almost unbearable.

I need to finish writing the travelogue, before it all fades. Plan is for Tuesday to go cook Hayley and Kita (and Chris) some Thai food, since I've apparently learned how and don't weant to foget that too. Can't be too bad, as what I made last night was actually edible.

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