Tuesday, 24 November 2020

When your computer describes a location as 'home'.

The company I now work for, having been acquired recently, has just been re-computered. The familiar system - probably a bit insecure, definitely not very corporate - has been switched for a new, very corporate system. New machines, different ways of working, new slower performance, a different look and feel.

It's like starting a new job with all the baggage from the old one still there. 

A question I keep asking is if someone knows where some data, info etc has gone. Having to learn the new location of stuff. It really feels like someone has come in and changed the place that was home to somewhere strange, and like we're being watched. 

One of the things that I really like about start-up businesses is the personal feel, but this is deeply impersonal. It has to be like this, and if I can bend to the flow of the stream then it's probably a good place to be for the last 15 years of working life. But I can already hear the siren call of a small business.

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