Thursday, 23 April 2020

Would it be wrong to say

that I'm enjoying not having to meet people during lockdown. I like the quiet roads, the half-empty supermarkets where people move out of each others way & give others space instead of pushing them out (well, that's true of Bicester Tesco - OTOH Sainsurys Kidlington was a horrible, crowded, dismal place).

Makes me wonder what I'll be like when the lockdown is over - I already don't want the crowds to come back, to have to go to meet people again - no idea if I'm going to want to play guitar with others, and I'm reasonably sure I don't want to 'go to church' (there, I've said it) though it's likely social pressure will ensure I do both those things. Life when I retire may well be very, very quiet.

Or perhaps I'll stop using computers and suddenly discover a desire to meet face-to-face again?


  1. Has it gone so far as to mean you don't even want to interact virtually? Oh wait—you've actually stopped using computers! ;)

    I relate to what you say here in many ways. As an introvert, I need to be careful about this. I get really grumpy and uncomfortable when I have to go out to a busy store.

  2. I just wrote a long comment about how it would be fun to end the blog that way & feeling trapped by church.

    It got lost.

    I'm still here, still using computers.


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