Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Please don't keep sending me

Please don't keep sending me those 'uplifting' videos that you found on social media, the bits of scripture picked because they say nice things, or the recordings of Christian exhortation.

We're all different. I just don't want all this stuff.

Perhaps it's real for you?

Thinking back to the periods when I've led worship teams, people would often send me links to songs that were utterly unsuitable for a congregation to sing, or would wonder if we could do a certain song 'like this' which would involve a large band with a horn section and carefully crafted parts - we would have a guitar or 2 and a keyboard if we were 'lucky'.

Yours in finest curmudgeonly style. ;-)


  1. This is EACTLY why I like you!

    If I see one more chipper poster with a theme of happy happy joy joy, I'll slip into some comatose state. (and not North Dakota)

    And yes, there are some who would like to use more technology in this time of not meeting in person, yet can't understand the amount of work that is required just to pull it off, not to mention how you lose people from engaging the more tech one uses.

    (A local pastor is expected to run a complete internet streaming service here on Sunday mornings with just him, his wife, and his daughter. And he has very little help)

    1. "I'll slip into some comatose state. (and not North Dakota)"

      Love that line. :D

  2. Sorry to have missed your comment.

    The guy that heads up 'Lifehouse' (the name makes my flesh creep a little, actually, and I've a feeling the strapline "one church, many locations" was also pinched from another group of US churches) is young and able to blend videos into a single youtube 'service' lasting an hour. Various people around the church record themselves on their phones reading, singing a worship song etc, send him the video and he merges it all to a single movie before uploading. He's learned on the job, and done it pretty well except for where he records himself with partial horror lighting (place a lamp low down, shining upward on your face for that scary-movie effect).

    You never know what skills you're going to need as a pastor. ;-)


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