Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Could a trend reverse?

Mobile devices have become the thing to work on.  The world is converting to tablet computing for working on, right, driven by Apple innovation.

Or perhaps not?

To me, the idea that a device running an OS clearly designed for media consumption that also allows the creative luvvies to process photos and create 'paintings' could actually be a useful business tool for the shop floor is counter-intuitive. Sure it can use web-based apps (as long as it can find a connection) to upload data & work, but it's been crippled horribly as far as connectivity goes, and as real for multi-tasking like a professional would require a computer to do - furgeddit.

So into this breach steps the Chinese company with an un-pronouncable name to produce a laptop that appears plainly designed for business use. Sadly it's at a professional price too, but still less than the equivalent fruity machine. When the time comes to replace Dellboy (the XPS15 - hopefully not for several years yet) then these could give Dell a run for their money.

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