Tuesday, 24 July 2018

I seem to be living abroad

While I can remember long periods of sunny, dry weather here in the UK, most of those memories are childhood ones and therefore slightly suspect. Yesterday was another day of 29-30 degrees, blue skies, beating sun.

Because of the heat, Chris didn't want to do aerobics in the village hall, so I cancelled running & we walked for a couple of hours in the evening after dinner. The fields round here really are 'white for harvest' in a way that we've not seen before, and the wheat and barley or definitely not golden this year. Even more curious, although many of the fields looked really dry & the ears a little shrivelled, in fact they were still somewhat tender and had not finished groing.

The farmers are hard at the harvesting in some parts, clouds of dust rising like smoke in the air. I hope harvest is good this year, and not blighted by drought.

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