Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Does your head do funny things?

Mine certainly does.

Apart from saying inappropriate things sometimes.*

And occasionally talking complete rubbish.

Make that often complete rubbish.

And not doing stuff when I should.

And doing stuff when I shouldn't.

But regardless. Chris has a nasty cold right now, probably the third of spring-summer 2017. Ben has also had at least 2 moderately unpleasant infections, and was quite rough a while back. As for me, I had a cold, back in April running into May, though not bad enough to stay away from work, and my cough from that finally lifted a week of so back.

But it feels wrong.

I'm the one who normally gets bad respiratory infections & Chris is the one who may feel a little off but keeps going. So first off I feel guilty, like it should be me and not her who's down with it (I cope much better being ill than she does: I give myself to it & wait to get better while she fights & struggles feeling worse & worse). Then it occurred to me that I'd like the time off sick - note that she has gone to work feeling 'grotty' - so I could sit at home & not do anything, and I felt slightly cheated that it wasn't me. Then I felt guilty about it.

My head does funny-unfunny things.

*I can't be bothered to explain about the disposable plastic cups and the Mae West greeting.

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