Wednesday, 14 June 2017

And God saw bare arms in church and He was like

It makes me wonder what some people think it must be like when you're on the loo, or even worse, having sex with your spouse. If you try to pray then, does He want to send thunderbolts? And if they aren't your spouse what then: does He have to pretend that He couldn't see but you did it anyway?

It makes me wonder how much stupidity I've simply acquired over the years because of traditions that I unthinkingly accept, but that I just can't see. It makes me wonder how much stupidity we accept now because it's current thinking and portrayed as how a 'good person should think' that is just as dumb.

Sadly this isn't one of the pictures I saw in Israel, however a constant question to the guides was "do we need to cover up here"?

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