Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Windows skype - so good they made it twice.

A few days ago I grumbled about Microsoft trying to get me to sign into skype twice, using a microsoft account, and how annoying that was. Well, smartie-knickers here hadn't realised that there are 2 versions: one that runs from the desktop in a window and one that runs full screen (for tablet users?) from Start.

It's still irritating, that they should impliment things this way, but pleasing that skype does, in fact, work perfectly fine still when launched from the taskbar. How very curious though, to have 2 versions of an application installed which apparently don't share user information with each other. I suspect if one tried to use that as a way of having different users from a single machine then there would be a breakdown and cross-contamination.

In similar vein of odd software behaviour, I and other users have noticed that when processing images in DX Optics pro, then importing images into lightroom, sometimes the images would come across with bizarre colours and tones, bearing no relationship to what we had produced. This would happen unpredictably, and seemed to have no connection with any editing we did in DXOP

The answer was obscure, yet obvious.

When output from DXOP was imported into lightroom, if the same image had already been edited in LR then it imposed any filters to the imported image that had been applied to the  RAW image. It seemed to do this regardless of image format, so DNG, TIF and JPG files were all affected similarly. Moving to the develop module of LR and then hitting the reset button *for each DXOP-processed image* seemed to fix the problem completely without also resetting any edits made to the original RAW file.

 An undocumented feature, to borrow a Microsoft euphemism, that would have been useful to know some time ago, before I deleted a lot of terrible-looking images that were probably perfectly good. At least I know NOW.

Anyway, onward and upward.

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