Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I'm guilty of neglect, indiscretion and looking forward to a dump.

Partly it's trying to re-focus myself, get life back in order etc. To a degree that's helped, and I've rediscovered energy for work, which has been so lacking these past months, though I'm hardly a ball of dynamism and enthusiasm yet. I'm also finding that I just flop into spending time on social internet in the evening when I could be doing so much other, useful stuff, and it's a real waste.

So the blog has gone-hung for a bit.

Old habits are hard to break as well, and I can't easily say what I think anymore because having ones thoughts on stuff actually out there is difficult for people who don't like to hear things that way. I would liken it to Nigel Farage's comments about breast feeding in public - courtesy and good manners require that such a natural process is done discretely, rather than flaunting it in front of people. There are many things that we all do which, never the less, are much better done quietly and discretely away from the public eye.

And talking of discretion, I'm really looking forward to a big dump*.

Of snow, that is.

In Morzine, France.

We're off to see Ben 'at work' in in Les Gets in January, and hoping for plenty of snow to arrive by then. We'll be staying in Morzine, the next village along, because Les Gets was just a bit too spendy for us (£1000 each for a hotel for a week? Are you out of your mind??!) but if there's enough snow it should be possible to get a lift up to the top of the crag in between and ski down the otherside into town, and if not then there's a shuttle bus between. At the moment the resorts are warm and green with the exception of Avoriaz that's at about 1800 meters and has a foot or 2 of snow already. There's still a few weeks to go, so I'm expecting plenty of the weather my dear Canadian friends hate so much in time - why do you guys insist on living in the flat bits? ;-)

*Link entirely safe for work.

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