Sunday, 17 February 2013

Ben should be home tomorrow.

Or at least, that's what we're expecting anyway.

He's been recovering really well. This time 2 weeks ago he was still laying in bed, barely able to move at all, while the wounds on his leg wept so much fluid that it made both his sheet and pillow wet. His face was yellow from blood loss and the assault his body had taken, both from the accident and the operation (one more still to go to repair some of the gaping holes in his leg) and he had to ask for help just to shift the damaged leg around by a few degrees or back & forth.

One week ago he'd just started physio, but had almost passed out with the effort of taking just a couple of steps. His leg was being gently moved by a machine that flexed the knee very slowly up to about 50 degrees (any more was very painful). Although he was off the IV morphine line, he was still receiving morphine by mouth.

This morning, as well as managing exercises like pull ups and tricep dips in bed, Ben managed to take himself downstairs on crutches, did a circuit of the carpark and then 4 flights of stairs. He is pretty much his normal self again in terms of attitude and humour, which has taken a while to come back. He won't be in his own bed for a while, but he will be at his own computer.

We're quite looking forward to not doing the 2 1/2-3 hour round trip every day too.

And we are really thankful for such rapid progress. To those who've prayed, we really appreciate what you've been doing, and are grateful to see the grace of God at work in Ben's body. We really appreciate too the excellent medical and nursing care he has received at Oxford's JR hospital.

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