Thursday, 17 May 2012

Should I stay or should I go?

All things are temporary.

Right now I'm wondering if this blog has run its course and reached its expiry date. I was considering updating the appearance and replacing the crappy haloscan comments with something better, but these days I hardly write and almost never say anything about what's really happening. There was a time when it was possible to talk about church and home, thoughts, feelings, hopes, desires, faith and aspiration, all without causing significant negativity. Now it seems that time is over.

And I DO spent too much time on the internet.

The closure of that's been announced made me hunt for an alternative out, but increasingly I'm asking *why*. My photography isn't really that good, and there's certainly no commercial benefit from - sure I enjoy it, but it's a sink for time when I don't have enough time or energy, and it makes me want stuff we can't afford. I've also not really re-established much of a presence in the communities I used to be part of after my year-long break from Harmony central and then subsequent shorter periods of fasting off the net.

Plus I'm just concerned that some of the things I say genuinely do cause people problems. An American friend told me he'd had to de-friend me on facebook because the things I said offended his supporters, and that I was going over their limits. I don't have a problem with offending people usefully, but don't want to do it just as a by-product of putting my normal life in the public eye.

So I'm very much wondering if I should simply shut down 'Ancient Mariner' in all it's various on-line glories and walk away. Life is more than the internet and reality more than blogging.

Or maybe I need to stop being wet, feeling others pain and just kick a few backsides. It IS very tempting to make oneself a plumbline against which others are judged, but that thinking doesn't have a future that includes all the others that need to be part of the way ahead for Heyford Park community and a healthy body of Jesus here.

BTW this is my 2500th post.