Monday, 21 February 2011

Sleep tonight is a mutually exclusive experience

That is to say, when I was (briefly) asleep my snoring kept Chris awake.

Apparently I was snoring to wake the dead, snorted so hugely that I woke myself up and she then made the most of the opportunity to access the land of nod while I was quiet.

Y'know, for a slim and lovely woman she can make a heck of a din too!

So I've migrated downstairs to the settee. However tonight in my enthusiasm to take cold medication I accidentally too the 'Max strength flu relief' jobbies. The ones with a caffeine payload that helps stimulate you for work.

Thus I have a couple of free hours now, with a slightly dim-witted head and a desire to change to OS on our downstairs computer back to Sabayon. I've somehow never managed to get DVD playback to be fully satisfactory under PCLOS, and although it's playing discs OK now, the audio is always a little out of sync.

Another thing:

Melx - you're following the blog. I don't know how long you've been doing it, but great to see you, feller. I came across yours the other day, just after Phil gave Mark a 3 month ban on HC. Let me tell you, you've made me want to start building pedals now!

Right, time to start backing up files, then find a DVD. I may post more from the Macbook later.

Finally got it installed, but there's no sound at all! That's tonight's fix.

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