Sunday, 19 December 2010

The outside thermometer said -10'C this morning.

The temperature's been doing funny things - it looks like the snow has compacted overnight and there's signs of melting, with icicles hanging off the shed, yet the temperature is really low outside now. There was ice inside the windows when I got up, and we had ice falling down the chimney into the stove too.

A snow plough went through last night, and the road doesn't seem so bad now (when I was dropped off yesterday afternoon by our friend, Mark, the snow was rubbing on the bottom of his truck) so I'm wondering whether it's worth digging out the (one remaining) car. At the moment we've plenty of food, but I'd prefer not to push our luck too hard. I also feel really achy this morning, and woke bunged up and struggling to breathe. Could be that Chris's cold has taken the opportunity of me being stressed and tired yesterday to work it's way in.

There's supposed to be a communal meal happening at the chapel tonight, but it's not at all likely that our guests will be able to make it. Also Ben was in another village Friday night, and although he's managed to walk to Woodstock, there's only a moderate chance of him making it home in the next couple of days.

I'm really glad I went in yesterday though - it gave me a chance to set the cells up to last a couple of days without attention, and so they are fine today. Monday I'll probably get the mountain bike out and ride in, since that's likely to have better grip than a car, and provided I don't hurry it should be fine.

We both feel quite sorry for the birds, as almost all the food is now buried. We put bread out Sat breakfast time, but of course that got buried in an hour.

From snowy Somerton.

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