Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Waiting, just outside our door.

Which is better than inside, where another 3 have been found and killed.

This was a hornet, dozy from the cold and unable to fly on Friday morning last week. It was clearly afraid (with good reason) lifting it's front legs at me, snapping it's jaws and finally, trying to bring the sting round to face forward just after I took a couple of pictures. When these things fly past your head they don't buzz, so much as emit a low droning rumble that sends chills to your spine and thoughts of running to your legs. It's about as menacing as an insect gets in this country.

There are few insects that can look one in the eye as if to say "come and try it, if you think you're hard enough".

Looking at that hornet's face makes me think of a furious and completely mad jester.

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