Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Ask Robert Heinlein.

Luke and Hayley came by to borrow some heaters as their heating has broken and we're due freezing temperatures and snow tomorrow. Since they were coming over we invited them for dinner.

Before Christmas Sainsburys supermarket had a special offer on LARGE pieces of beef at half price. I bought one, and as well as feeding 12 people it was one of the nicest bits of beef we've enjoyed here.

So I bought another, as the offer was still going.

This one was tough. So tough that some sections were almost inedible, even when cooked to perfection. The twist was, Luke and Hayley were our guests being fed this incredibly chewy beef. Flavour great, edibility minimal. And to cap it off, the Apple pudding I bought did not thaw adequately over a 2 hour period before being eaten, so they got frozen pudding on top of un-chewable meat.

Guys: this is NOT our normal level of hospitality.

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