Thursday, 19 August 2004

Rejection of homosexuals

Jordon has a link to Scott's site, where Scott posted an article about rejection and acceptance of homosexuals.

My take on this is that Jesus accepted sinners, calling them to repent. As a church, we have fellowshipped with couples that live together, fornicating. Homosexuals that are active are not greatly different from this.

A requirement of church membership (for us) is that we determine to try to live our lives in holiness, rejecting sin. There are no problems accepting any single adult into membership on this basis, whatever their sexual orientation. The basis for not accepting someone into membership would be that they rejected Jesus as saviour and Lord of their life, and/or that they refused to repent of or recognise known sin in their lives.

If you agree or disagree I'd like to know. If you don't think anything then you needn't post.

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