Thursday, 22 April 2021

You know you're getting old when....

Recent musical releases sound annoying. 

A friend wanted me to listen to a couple of Justin Bieber tracks, and while there was lots of meaning in the lyrics, the 'music' was not something I would choose to listen to. There's a new UK musical star - Arlo Parks - getting some radio play, but although she sounds lovely in interviews, her vocal style is like fingernails on a blackboard in terms of setting my feelings on edge. 

No doubt Led Zeppelin were the same to my parents generation. 

I have a feeling I'm being quietly dropped from church music teams. Once that would have been disappointing but now it may actually be a relief, not to have to listen or play stuff designed to draw emotions put all the time. Some years ago I was trying to keep up with current worship stuff and had a couple of albums by Paul something - Glorious and The Same Love - that were so transparent in their intent and lack of originality that it really started me questioning what was going on with the worship business. If worship has gone mainstream, mediocrity has flowed back up the channel.