Wednesday, 3 May 2017

It seems I've started praying again

Not the odd few words in a public place, though I've managed that when put on the spot, but finding that I'm starting to pray for people and situations without having to.

After our friend Jo dying last year I effectively stopped talking to God - why do it if what we say or ask doesn't change outcomes? That question is still very present, but I found myself praying when I'd just woken up a few weeks ago, for a couple experiencing hard times and difficulties. It hasn't opened the floodgates, but there are people I care for that are struggling in a wide variety of ways.

I can understand somewhat why Muslims developed a theology of inshAllah - if God wills - not expecting Him to be involved with their lives. At least that's better than a Greek understanding, where their gods were just badly behaved people.

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  1. Thanks for your honesty, it's a comfort today.

    A while back I just got so angry with all these new health challenges that I just stopped taking my little daily collection of pills. I was plenty pissed...

    I was able to do that about four days until I had to come crawling back and start taking them again. It was a humbling thing to realize that my life has become so connected with them.

    But as I say, your words comfort me today. Thanks guy.
    Peace and much love.


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