Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Chris has a new set of wheels.

Strictly speaking she needed a new set of tyres all round.

Estimating conservatively, though I won't buy budget brands any more because they are more expensive, I expect tyres to be £65-£70 each = £260 minimum for all corners. However a couple of the present wheels have been dropped in pot holes and bashed to bits to the point where they won't stay sealed properly and tyres are always going soft.

And they look manky.

So from Ebay, 4 decent original alloy bettle wheels + a spare steel, all with good tyres for £180. They are presently sat in the boot of my car, waiting to go home & be fitted. *Hopefully* they are all as per the description and pictures, and will make passing the MOT test next month quite painless.

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