Friday, 6 February 2015

A revolution in the tablet user experience.

May I present the Bookbook:

This was too good not to post. :-)


  1. Hey Bro. I know you are on Facebook break so no idea when you might get this. I was just sitting here concerned that if the Old Woodcross amp from Bluesaxe ever dies I have no schematics. I have no idea how to get hold of BluesAxe. The last I heard he was quite I'll. Then I remembered that you had the same amp, or did anyway. I was thinking you bought the kit form and might have the schematics still. If you have them could you possibly email a copy to me? It is a fairly amp but it sure does help having the info. The only possible difference was I had the lean and mean switch. Thanks either way man. Just taking a stab in the dark here.

  2. Hey Ralph - good to hear from you again. I'll email across the info I have, assuming your username to be your email address too.

    The Bluesbuster I had didn't come with the clean/mean switch, but TBH it wasn't anything complex - just altered the bias on the first half of the 12AX7 from cool (clean) to warm (mean). I ended up building a few versions of the amp, including one where I set a minimum bias value and then put a pot in there to give me a continuous variable bias. As it happened, I liked the tone best when it was set between the 2 (about 1K Ohms IIRC, though that was a long time back). Once I started building amps a bit more seriously I realised that BA4C had just borrowed the AX84 P1Ex design, made some minor changes and careful component selections, and sold that. He did point me in the direction of AX84 to begin with, so he was honest about the origins.

    The bluesbuster got torn apart a couple of times, and was last wired as a cascode to simulate a pentode preamp stage. I should probably rebuild again some time, since I now have a defunct Marshall MG30 sat around waiting to accept a new amp.

    Take care feller.


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