Friday, 16 January 2015

So we had our final day.

We really ummed and ahhed about whether to risk skiing today. It was Chris's last chance, possibly ever, to do it, and yet caution made us very reluctant to risk further injury, and there was some doubt as to whether it was actually worth it. In addition we were greeted with leaden skies and a fair bit of rain first thing, which isn't great either.

But she skiied.

We collected skis from the rental shop & hopped on a bus over to Les Get again. The day before we'd seen a 'kindergarten' slope with a travelator (not even a drag lift) for those not confident enough to get up any other way, and this was where we started. After a few descents, we moved across to the Zone Tranquile a little further up, and enjoyed multiple descents there, building confidence before lunch. Ben met us afterward, and we went back again, first to the quiet slope, then to Les Indiens, a green run at the top of a chair lift that led through a pretend red Indian village. This progressed across in varying stages to a much longer, steeper slope and finally to the main Chavanne blue that was longer and with some quite steep sections.

She did it all, and afterward felt that this had helped redeem the holiday. Ben was there, guiding & offering advice & encouragement.

Afterward It was back to the place he shares with another chap from the same company, for him to cook us dinner & to see how he lived. We had a good time together, and a good meal, before it was time to say goodbye until the end of April.

As we left Les Gets the snow was falling thickly, just in time for us to leave. It will, however, be great to get home, eat our own food & sleep in our own bed.


  1. I think my earlier comment didn't take - been fascinating reading your skiing experiences. Skiing in Europe seems very different to what I'm used to.

  2. Thanks for commenting Fern, yes, it sounds very different. TBH when we learned in Austria that was also rather different oo, and there was a distinct feeling of safety and being looked after (possibly because it was a beginner resort) compared to the feelings we had this time.


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