Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Re-processed and new images from Morzine.

I didn't take anything like as many pictures as expected while we were away, partly down to us both being a bit out of it, partly out of concern for breaking the camera and not really wanting to pay for a replacement. So all the shots I'd planned to take while skiing didn't materialise. Instead I had just 2 occasions for photography: once on the Tuesday while Chris was in bed and I managed to walk to the Nyon waterfall although I was a little out of things, and once on the Thursday when we caught the bus to Les Gets and I was again a bit spacey (Chris got fed up that I wasn't really there).

As a result I didn't really 'see' many good pictures at all. Having said that, the scenery was so lovely that simply pointing a camera and pressing the shutter button a few times meant that you were bound to get *something* pretty.

So it proved.

There's a few I'm happy with (2 I've just ordered prints). Some that I posted earlier have been reworked a couple of times, first in Lightroom, then with DXO Optics Pro (free version) to tone down the LR gaudiness. DXOOP is really clunky & slow, but it's the only way I can get that National Geographic feeling into pictures. Some of that's down to replicating slide film responses, and some down to the subtle yet detailed processing this program naturally produces.

This was behind the hotel
Water spray + subzero temperatures = ice encapsulation
Along the path to Casade de Nyon
From the top of the Pleney Telecabine
Jingle, flippin' bells. ;-) A horse-draw sleigh in Avoriaz on Wednesday morning. Ben & I skied in that Wednesday afternoon, and occasionally you'd have to guess where the piste went.
Snowfall approaching. Sometimes you could actually see clouds of snow hanging in the air, dropping imperceptibly.
At Les Gets - you can just see skiers above the trees in the middle.
The dangerous chair lift.
Rolling snow, pushed to the edge of the slope by the piste grading machines.

I hope that's not too big a download - I've kept image sizes down as far as possible.

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