Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lets try another village.

So this morning we hopped on a bus over from Morzine to Les Gets, partly in the hope of meeting Ben nd partly because Chris (trooper that she is) has heard that the green slopes over there are novice-friendly, and she wanted one last go with the kit we'd hired.

Les Gets town is very much like Morzine, though there seemed more garbage on the streets, and because it's about 200m higher, there was more snow too. First we went to the tourist office & got talking with another couple around the same age who had just arrived, then visited a market in town and bought some (18 month old) comte cheese to take back (shush about the cheese, Mary, if you're reading this to Irene). We also happened to walk past a chalet where Ben was working, so had a few min with him before carrying on.

Late morning we went up the Chavanne lift to look at the famous 'green' piste.

Didn't look bad at all, and if I'm well enough tomorrow (the cold has arrived) then we'll go over there for Chris to ski for the last time ever (her desire - not mine!).

 Today the sun was really strong, making the top of the piste slick & slippery, though it was beautiful to walk around up there too. We found a walking route and wandered through snowy woods in a handy loop that took us to the top of the Indien beginners area, then went for lunch (potage de legumes that was nastier than it sounds) before doing another much longer walk toward Morzine and the Pleney lift area and back. There was a place where we crossed a piste that was fairly steep, and the surface was so polished that my heavy walking boots could not bite or find a grip, and I was lucky to be able to scramble back without falling.

Chris's best day here yet.

Dinner tonight in the hotel was also interesting, proving that the French cannot cook curry and simply don't understand the concept of Indian food. Pear crumble pud was nice though. :-)

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