Sunday, 11 January 2015

Imagine our delight.

To be sat in an alpine chalet, looking out in the pre-dawn light at the rain absolutely hooning down.
By the grace of God it turned to snow around 8.30 and has been snowing fairly hard ever since. The slopes around Morzine are still too wet to use, but we've been able to park the skis at the hire shop which is a short distance from the lifts.
Best of all, Ben has some free time today, and will come over later from Les Gets.
As for now, we're back at the hotel drying out again. It's only JUST cold enough for snow at this altitude, though some of the pavements had started to get slippery in town. Talking of temperatures, driving out of Geneva yesterday it hit 16'C at times. This, it appears, is a place of change.

The snow is stopped. Apparently we had 3cm with another 23cm due later today. As for now, the sun is out, and the mountains look beautifully fresh and crisp.

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