Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hello Gatport Airwick.

How inviting you are at 6am. Still, the yoghurt & granola is OK, and even the orange juice tastes of oranges.


  1. Going or picking someone up??

  2. Gone.

    To enjoy the stuff you don't love in a land of funny tongues and attitudes. :)

  3. Lesson to self: when travelling with a flight requiring a stupid O'clock start and getting an hours sleep beforehand, make sure that food supplies are laid in PROPERLY and do not assume that, just because you arrive in time to get to your destination at lunchtime, everyone else travelling with you will too.

    I can handle no sleep for a while and I can handle no food for a while, but in combination they make for a bad head.

  4. Oh yes. I am being forced to learn that same lesson. Sometimes I can be so impatient... She slows me down properly.


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