Saturday, 17 January 2015

Free* wifi at Geneva airport?

Yes please. It will make the 1 hour + flight delay less tedious.

The snow arrived properly last night, and by the time it was light enough to see outside around 6-8 inches had settled, making the town look wonderful and leaving us glad to have seen it, but disappointed that we weren't staying this coming week instead. I kept seeing things that I wanted to photograph, but that wasn't going to happen at all. The snow remained most of the way down the mountain, becoming like 'English snow' in the lower reaches, and then suddenly disappearing within the space of just a couple of hundred meters driving.

Geneva was 3'C, grey and wet.

While we were driving through after arriving it looked drab and run down - not at all the way one imagined a major Swiss city to be - and the impression remained on our return trip. We had one traveller with 'reduced mobility' on crutches who was dropped off at the main terminal while the rest of us were then taken to the charter terminal. This wasn't the concrete cattle shed that we'd experienced at Marseilles and Bordeaux, but was still disorganised and undignified with its encouragement to get passengers to scrum their way to the front of the queue. I find this kind of travelling difficult as a Christian, because my instinct is to find what ever way I can to the front of the queue, regardless of rights, and it's difficult not to ensure we end up near the front of the queue.

After we've been processed we get bussed across to the main terminal. That's nicer, really, because there are seats, decent toilets (the taps aren't labelled 'eau de non potable' which makes me hopeful) and free wifi. It's still a bit steel & industrial, but a much better environment than it might be. All the disgusting Brits in their dirty skiing gear were having to mix with wealthy, sometimes even glamorous travellers.

So here we sit, patiently.

Well, here we sit, anyway. ;-)

There's one more thing I'll mention, and that's a particular smell. I suspect it's a kind of deodorant used on ski gear, and at low levels it's OK, though quite choking at higher concentrations. I've smelled it everywhere we've been indoors, and it's likely to have been absorbed by our clothes too. Wonder if the gear at Milton Keynes snodome smells this way too?

One further comment: Ben and his flatmate both down with the sickness bug last night that Chris had, and that we'd heard of others in the resort getting too. If I'm clear by Wednesday next week then I'll assume I've dodged the bullet for that one.

*first 90min only - then you buy time. That may not matter since the Macbook battery will only do 2 hours max using wifi anyway, or about 30min work in lightroom. At least charging is better since the update to Yosemite.

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