Thursday, 4 December 2014

Thoughts fly away, like birds in the garden.

There's been quite a bit of stuff running round my head - almost always when I can't write about it - and when I do get time then those thoughts fly away.

There are also things I'd like to write about that are not for now, if ever, and there needs to be a bit more time passed and space given before putting them down. I am, however grateful for the grace of God, that enabled me to keep doing the things I HAD to do, not letting me go when I did the things I should not do, and allowing me to hear when it was essential to do so.

Stepping out of leadership creates odd feelings in ways I'd not expected. Like suddenly only having 2 church activities a week at most. Not having any preparation to do either, but to just turn up and have other people serve and try to bless me seems amazing. I'm sure it won't last, but at the moment I can just go home and do whatever I want most evenings, and while there's a certain amount of guilt, it's also good to just relax and enjoy the time without pressure.

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