Saturday, 5 April 2014

It's a morning of sensations and memories here.

Choosing a tee shirt to wear this morning, I came across the tee that I bought on our last trip to Canada in 2006: petrol blue, soft from being worn & washed so much and with a couple of tiny holes. It was bought because our luggage was lost and we needed clean clothes - Chris still has a bright orange top bought at the same time. We've good memories of friends & really looking forward to seeing them again this summer.

On the way shopping for food, I played a track from a recent Chris Tomlin album and it reminded me of Mark, who played guitar and lead worship for a while at the Chapel. It reminded me I missed him too, and also the way he'd flow so freely with his voice in worship.

In Tesco they had large Basil plants on offer for £1.50, so I grabbed one. It made the car, then the kitchen smell wonderful with it's sharp, spicy scent.

Picked up a guitar just now, and 'discovered' a new turnaround with a D chord that I've not used before. Wonder if I'll remember it long enough to use it for worship tomorrow in the church? I often use a Dsus2, and will very often substitute it for a straight D chord, softening the sound of the open E string with careful strumming. For this turnaround I alternated the Dsus2 by fretting the E string fret 2 as a normal D, but leaving an open G string to get a sound that makes me think of coming home through wheat fields under big skies. It sort of answers the question that the suspended chord is asking, and works strummed or picked. I may try to incorporate that into a sequence like the picked part of Joe Bonamassa's Mountain Time.

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